Comprehensive assembly for devices featuring all manner of electronics systems

We are able to manufacture tailor-made plates in aluminium and stainless steel, which can be completed with mechanical inserts and at the end integrated with membrane keyboard, graphic foil, touchscreen, gaskets, etc. The manufacturing of the plates, in all their finishing and mechanical working, is done entirely in our production. Innovative products and manufacturing processes are possible thanks to in-house research and development. Products are made to meet the special requirements of each individual customer. In order to find answers to their specific requirements, we seek a partnership with our customers. For the development of complete solutions, we welcome the opportunity to be consulted from the very beginning of the project.


Aluminium components are treated with an innovative approach and modern technology of anodizing, whereby the upper layer of aluminium is converted into an oxide layer. This is compact and sturdy and very well matched with basic material. The oxide layer provides excellent protection of aluminium against corrosion and wear and is electrically insulating.



With powder coating technology, metal products can be customised to your liking in any colour. Powder coating is more environmentally friendly compared to other techniques, but in addition to better colour utilization, it also achieves more specific colour effects. Surfaces can also be coloured with a wet dye technique, thus achieving a lower colour coating thickness.


The base plates can be equipped with additional components, such as press-in-bolts screws, which additionally simplifies the construction of each base plate and enables a suitable integration of the communication part into an appropriate housing. The choice of press-in-bolts is wide and can satisfy even the most complex requirements.


The complete front panel (exclusive touch screen) can be produced in our production. The pictures above show an Al panel, naturally eloxated with inserted press-in bolts and integrated gasket. A resistive touch screen is integrated with optical clear adhesive on antiglare polyester foil, where graphic design was printed before. In the final part of production process, the front foil was laminated on AL frame and touch screen was sealed with suitable resin


The bases are also equipped with various seals, using high quality materials from EPDM foam. We can also offer the latest technology of casting the seal – dispersive sealing.

Technical specification:

  • Type gasket: Sunstar Penguin Foam 3151 E
  • Color: black
  • Density: acc. 0,39 [g/cm3]
  • Section: adjustable from 4 to 200 [mm2]
  • Hardness: acc. 43 [Shore 00]

Penguin foam is one component PU resin to be applied as formed in-place foamed gasket. The resin has been developed specially for the application of gasket on plastic parts, also could be applied on other materials (aluminum, steel, …).


In accordance with the demands of the market, where there is a growing tendency towards a high level of integration of the delivered product, we have started with the production of supporting metal and plastic panels. Considering the mounting of keyboards onto an appropriately prepared surface and additional quality control afterwards, we have saved the final buyer from a few difficulties. Producing all components in one place ensures an appropriate construction, suitable accuracy and product quality.


From the basic ideas, recomendations, design to construction, applicative development and production.

We totaly adjust our products to your demands. We are commited to help you by creating aesthetic, functional and successful electronic application.

Our greate advantage is speed wich we accomplish by adapting our production and development. We deliver prototypes in a very short time.