FOIL OVERLAYS – a wide range of graphic options

ELTAS utilizes a full range of materials and adhesives to offer Graphic Foil Overlay solutions for all applications. For any given market sector or application we are able to provide the perfect solution, giving our customers confidence in the suitability of their finished product.

From low cost prototypes to full production volumes, Eltas offers a consistently reliable product at competitive prices with industry-leading customer service.



Colour layers are printed from the bottom of the graphic foil so that wearing out of information is not possible. The appropriate quality of the graphic foil ensures the necessary maintenance and cleaning of devices and their use in the most demanding environments.

The bottom side of the printed graphic foil is equipped with an assembly adhesive, which is intended to fix the foil to the carrier. The thickness of the adhesive can be adapted to the construction of the keyboard, so that we achieve the optimal contact of the mechanical keys with the foil and thus the corresponding responsiveness of the keys. The adhesive is removed at the key positions and in the positions of transparent windows. The described keyboard structure also assures high IP standards.


The front foil as a product retains all possibilities for integrating transparent surfaces of different qualities. Selective adjustment of certain surfaces of the graphic foil enables the use of LCD and LED displays. If necessary, it is possible to achieve perfect clarity and transparency of the graphic foil, as well as partial transparency in a wide range of colour shades.


The ergonomics and usability of a mechanical keyboard equipped with a front foil can be further improved by selective embossing of the graphic foil in the key area. The design of the graphic foil at the same time increases the attractiveness and improves the overall appearance of the application. The shape of the embossed area is arbitrary.


From the basic ideas, recomendations, design to construction, applicative development and production.

We totaly adjust our products to your demands. We are commited to help you by creating aesthetic, functional and successful electronic application.

Our greate advantage is speed wich we accomplish by adapting our production and development. We deliver prototypes in a very short time.