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It is our great pleasure to announce that we have moved to our new production plant facility in industrial zone Šentjernej. On 6.000 m2 of land we built a 3.000 m2 functional surfaces. A flexible, creative space of 2.000 m2 of production facilities are expressly designed to meet our needs.

We have modernized the printing plant and expanded mechanical space. Our bigger clean room will ensure us to achieve our vision and strategic priorities.

New technologies increase the opportunity to focus on a greater range of options for the growth of our dynamic performing products.


Penguin foam is one component PU resin to be applied as formed in-place foamed gasket. The resin has been developed specially for the application of gasket on plastic parts, also could be applied on other materials (aluminum, steel, …)

Technical specification:

  • Type gasket: Sunstar Penguin Foam 3151 E
  • Color: black
  • Density: acc. 0,39 [g/cm3]
  • Section: adjustable from 4 to 200 [mm2]
  • Hardness: acc. 43 [Shore 00]

We offer

From the basic ideas, recomendations, design to construction, applicative development and production.

We totaly adjust our products to your demands. We are commited to help you by creating aesthetic, functional and successful electronic application.

Our greate advantage is speed wich we accomplish by adapting our production and development. We deliver prototypes in a very short time.



  • Complete service

  • High quality

  • Adaptibility and efficiency

  • Exstensive offer

  • Cooperation and partnership

  • Exceptional people


Our products: membrane keyboards and foils are incorporated into end-products in telecommunications and medical electronic equipment, industrial electronic equipment, measurement, control and regulation instruments, entertainment devices, household equipment, etc…
Some of our products are equiped with well-known brand names in electronic industry

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