OPTICAL CLEAR ADHESIVE (OCA) INTEGRATION – higher level of integration

When designing the ideal display for your device, the available technologies can seem overwhelming. At ELTAS, we take the guesswork out of display integration with one-stop service that delivers many integration options, a seamless development process, and a capable supplier network, saving you time and resources. ELTAS helps our clients consider important factors such as cost, longevity, readability in bright light, impact resistance, and performance in extreme environments.

OCA is commonly used on touchscreens, LCD flat panel displays, transparent graphic overlays and other devices requiring an optically clear bond. OCA’s thin, consistent thickness makes it an ideal choice for flexible to rigid bonding and tight tolerance bonding situations. OCA is classified as a dry film, pressure sensitive adhesive and there are different versions depending on the application and substrate to which it will be applied.


Touch screens have become important components on a wide palette of electronic applications. A suitable way of integration of touch screens is requested on devices which operate in demanding and harsh environments. Eltas has a lot of experience in products, where integration of touch screens under the foil (resistive touch-screens) or glass (capacitive touch-screens) is necessary. So far we have integrate resistive touch screens in size up to 24’’. A touch screen can be part of an LCD module. Also in this case, theintegration of a touch screen in a suitable way is possible.

Also a larger size of touch screens can be integrated with optical clear adhesives on a graphic foil. Such panels can be used also in very demanding environments: medicine application, food production and similar. Panels where touch screens are protected with polyester foil offer perfect cleaning possibilities and suitable protection of application.

Complex Aluminium front plate with integrated plastic parts, gasket, graphic foil and touch screen are the result of development and construction in our company.


Though there are several types of touch technology, the most common in today’s mobile technology is Projected Capacitive (PCAP) providing the multi-touch capability users expect.  It is fast becoming the touch of choice in industrial applications too.

PCAP Displays can be offered with customised or decorated cover glass for enhanced front panel styling, which can include printed logos, cut-outs for buttons and rounded edges, together with LED illumination.


From the basic ideas, recomendations, design to construction, applicative development and production.

We totaly adjust our products to your demands. We are commited to help you by creating aesthetic, functional and successful electronic application.

Our greate advantage is speed wich we accomplish by adapting our production and development. We deliver prototypes in a very short time.