ELTAS d.o.o.

ELTAS d. o. o. is a company specializing in the development, construction and production of membrane keyboards, foils overlays and user interfaces. Our core business is the production of products tailored solely to the needs of each customer (custom products) that meet all industry standards for controlling devices and machines in various industries, such as telecommunications, medical equipment, industrial electronics, measuring instruments, etc. We are extremely efficient and competitive in this area.


Speed is our great advantage, since we pay special attention to the flexibility of production and development – the company enables the delivery of prototype series of products in a very short time.


A wide range of different keyboard designs enables the upgrade of electronic devices and satisfies all requirements in design and operation. The high degree of integration, which includes a wide range of graphic options and key types, the installation of SMD LED components and electroluminescent lamps, provides optimal design solutions and simplifies the construction of any electronic device. Equipping keyboards with carrier plates and processing the standard housings as offered by Eltas, further simplifies the product’s realization and relieves all designers’ dilemmas.


Cooperation with our customers is based on a partnership and is aimed at achieving a common goal: design and technology-perfected products that will be successful on a global scale