Industrial production of input systems wich, stands out from the known mass production.

Our customers decide for input systems that stand out from the known mass production. A keyboard or front is custom made from high quality materials, using specialized equipment manufactured and refined to the finest detail and construction.

We use creative ideas and transform needs into reality. New, unknown areas are of interest to us and we are prepared to engage in prudent difficult requirements. We strive for profitable solutions for businesses, employees and customers.

Modern production for small to medium volumes. Comprehensive assembly for devices featuring all manner of electronics systems. Innovative products and manufacturing processes thanks to in-house research and development. Systematic, analytic approach. ELTAS products are made to meet the special requirements of each individual customer. In order to find answers to their specific requirements, we seek a partnership with our customers. For the development of complete solutions, we welcome the opportunity to be consulted from the very beginning of the project. If our capabilities and focus are of interest and meet your needs, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you on a true partnership basis.

Production program

Base plates

Foil overlays

Membrane keyboards


OCA integration


From the basic ideas, recomendations, design to construction, applicative development and production.

We totaly adjust our products to your demands. We are commited to help you by creating aesthetic, functional and successful electronic application.

Our greate advantage is speed wich we accomplish by adapting our production and development. We deliver prototypes in a very short time.